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61% of executives will pay more to work with a brand that has thought leadership published.
92% of people say that reading thought leadership increases their respect for a brand.

What is the impact of AI content creation on Backlinks as a ranking factor?

With AI content generators generating the majority of new content on the web, acquiring backlinks is significantly more important than ever before. Acquiring backlinks consumes time, effort, and resources. Acquiring relevant, dofollow, and non-toxic backlinks is even more difficult. Backlinks are your biggest MOAT.

Now that Google understands context, content, and relevancy, how can we optimize anchor texts?

Anchors should always be natural. In the real world, people don’t always link with the “perfect” anchor text. Using the same anchors over and over again could appear spammy to both users and Google. Use descriptive and keyword-rich anchors that accurately reflect the content it is linking to.

What are the characteristics of a high-quality backlink?

As per my experience, these are the qualities of a high-quality backlink (priority-wise)

  • Relevancy is the most important characteristic of a quality backlink i.e. a backlink from a page relevant to your target page
  • Editorially placed (links from the body of a web page, not from the author’s bio/sidebar/footer
  • Dofollow links (over nofollow) as these transfer link equity (or link juice) to the linking page
  • Overall authority of the linking page (denoted by UR in Ahrefs) – the higher the better
  • Acquiring links from pages generating organic traffic
  • Overall authority of the linking domain (denoted by DR in Ahrefs) – the higher the better
  • Number of external links from the linking page – the lower the better
  • Avoid acquiring backlinks from PBNs, link farms, and directories.

Can I choose from which domains to get links?

You can share a list of domains with us but getting links from your shared list isn’t guaranteed. We will reach out to the sites – let’s see how it goes.

Can I choose the anchor texts for my links?

Before the outreach campaign starts, we will suggest the anchors for your target pages. You can either approve the suggested anchors or suggest your own. We recommend going ahead with our suggested anchors as we find less competitive high-intent anchors.

How long does it take to see results?

It takes 3-6 months for results to be seen. In some cases, you may even see the results within a month. However, it all depends on the authority and content of top-ranking pages on the SERPs and your on-page optimization efforts. Competitiveness of the SERP really matters.

Importance of Branded Links

SaaS Specialists

Other link-building agencies build links for clients in all niches, whereas we only build links for SaaS clients. Over the years, we’ve maintained relationships with premium domains in the SaaS niche, thereby helping our clients acquire relevant and high-authority links.

High-Authority Sites

Even if you opt for the starter plan, you will still get links from high-authority domains. If a link from a domain is relevant to the client’s website, irrespective of the domain rating of the site, we will still pursue the opportunity, and get the link live. We love building relevant links.

Link Guarantee

The backlinks we earn for our clients are dofollow and permanent. This is because of the close relationships we have maintained over the years with editors and webmasters. In case a link gets removed, we build a link for free for the client in less than 2 weeks.

Editorial Links

Editorial links pass maximum link equity from one page to another. We build editorial links, i.e. from the body of the articles, and not from the Author’s bio. These editorial links are strategically placed maintaining site-level and page-level relevance.

Strategic Outreach

We don’t just build backlinks from any Tom, Dick, and Harry sites. After shortlisting the sites based on competitor analysis, we reach out to them to earn backlinks for our clients. This sniper approach that we follow helps us build highly relevant links for our clients.

Links from Traffic Pages

Apart from focusing on relevancy, we build links from pages generating traffic and having a good backlink profile. This ensures maximum flow of link equity to the target pages which boosts the organic rankings of these pages. We try to build links from pages earning links naturally.

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